Our services

Commercial service

Enviro Sani-Nord’s (Sani-Nord’s) expertise is a cut above when it comes to pressure (HB & BP) and vacuum cleaning and pumping. Our vacuum trucks, equipped with powerful pumps, are able to pump all types of waste (liquid, solid, dry and volatile organic matter). We offer, the following services:

  • Pumping of manholes (street, alleyways, sidewalks, parks etc.) ;
  • Pumping of elevator cylinders / shafts ;
  • Pumping of grease traps
  • Pumping of underground structures (access well) ;
  • Pumping of decanting pools, sand separators, pumping stations ;
  • Pumping of  oil separators ;
  • Pumping of drains ;
  • Pumping of  reservoirs (all kinds) ;
  • Pumping of dry matter (dirt, flour etc.) ;
  • Hydro Excavation;
  • Cleaning of pipes (lines) (low and high pressure) ;
  • Unblocking of manholes and pipes (lines) ;
  • Unblocking of pipes (lines) with a rooter (fiche) ;
  • Emergency spills ;
  • Inspections televised by camera ;
  • Unthawing of pipes (lines) (vapor) ;
  • Transportation and disposal of dangerous matter ;
  • Septic tanks


Regardless of the location, inside or outside, our experienced technicians operate vehicles that have been manufactured for all kinds of pumping requirements, from the very specific to the more daunting. In general, our vacuum trucks recuperate between 500 to 8000 gallons with suction of 500 CFM to 6400 CFM.

Our vacuum trucks, equipped with dust filters and powerful suction (up to 6400 CFM), allow us to pump in dry mode, a variety of dry material or volatile products such as silos (flour, sugar, grain etc).

Our hydro pressure trucks have a capacity of at least 3000 gallons of cleaning water, in addition to being equipped with a pump that generates 1500 pounds/in2 of pressure per 65 gallons / minute with 600 feet of hose reel from 1 inch in diameter.

We also have other equipment such as:

  • Low profile vacuums with a height of 6 feet, allow us to work in restrained locations; for example, underground parking lots, multi level buildings etc.
  • Trucks that are multi functional like a combiné , which offers both vacuum and pressure, ideal for restrained locations, such as, alleyways, impasses etc.
  • Mini portable vacuums with a capacity of 150 to 400 litres essential for pumping in very restrained places and/or reservoirs located on multi level floors as it can be transported easily by elevators or by loading docks.

We are certified Browz and soon to be Contractor Check and Complyworks.