Following the broadcast of a report by La Facture on Tuesday, November 23, 2021, which dealt with one of her clients in the Municipality of Pointe-Calumet, Ms. Fréchette, president of Beauregard, wanted to comment on certain incomplete information presented in the report, which leaves room for several interpretations.

"First of all, the team from The Invoice was supposed to send me their questions by email, which I never received. Faced with this situation and to prepare myself for another sensationalist report, I decided to conduct an exclusive interview, during which I answered all the questions on this subject. I invite you to view my interview on our website and Facebook page.

Our company has been providing services in the region for 40 years and we have been carrying out the mandates of the Municipality of Pointe-Calumet for the past two years. As mentioned by the Director of Urbanism in one of his correspondences last October, during our annual follow-up to validate the quality of our business relationship, he confirmed that our work was appreciated and that only one complaint was unresolved to date, that of the citizen Ms. Proulx. No non-compliance report was produced by the Municipality for Groupe Beauregard," said Ms. Fréchette.

It should be noted that the report did not mention that an independent expert went to the site to inspect Ms. Proulx's system. His conclusion: Mrs. Proulx's septic tank problems are directly related to the deterioration of her pipes by tree roots. Her septic tank was built too close to the trees, in a location not recommended for this type of installation.

Services not expensive enough

"Since when have we been so desperate for city taxpayers to pay more for their services? Since when can a competitor explain that our prices are too low? And finally, since when can one person who has had a problem with their septic system and treatment system tell the truth and paint a true picture of the services offered? As an entrepreneur who gets up every morning to offer the best possible service with more than 150 employees, I am outraged by the content of this report," added Mrs. Fréchette, president of Beauregard, with conviction.

Thank you

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank our customers who, despite the unfounded attacks, do not let themselves be fooled by these reports and maintain their business relationship with us. Thank you," concluded Ms. Fréchette.